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Reason for a Bookkeeper

For small businesses the expenses of just keeping afloat make it difficult to justify paying yet another person for another service, that can be put off 'til tomorrow, or much, much later. Or can it?

DIY, it makes sense. Saves money right? Or does it? If you think about it, all the things that you struggle to do yourself can be done by someone who does it every day faster, and most likely, right the first time.  Mistakes take longer to fix and are extremely costly further how much is your own time worth?

A good bookkeeper does what they do best, and they enjoy it. 


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I have found Sylvie from Axiom Bookkeeping Services to be a godsend for my business and my sanity. My business operates seven days a week with a number of staff and I found it extremely difficult to stay on top of the bookwork. I had initially used another bookkeeper which added more stress to my life due to continuous problems. I was hesitant to start again with a new bookkeeper, but I should not have been worried as Sylvie is excellent. I only wish I had started with her first. She is so efficient and constantly finds ways to streamline the process and save even more time. Her work is also accurate which is very important. I would not trust my books to anyone else and the time she saves me allows me to spend more time promoting and growing my business, along with time to have a life away from the business. I would not hesitate to recommend Sylvie for any bookkeeping requirements. .”

Tracey Brawell K9 Walkers