Reason for a Bookkeeper

For small businesses the expenses of just keeping afloat make it difficult to justify paying yet another person for another service, that can be put off 'til tomorrow, or much, much later. Or can it?

You may think that having that big box into which you throw all your receipts, records and dockets is the same as bookkeeping and record keeping, but you probably do not want the rude awakening of having the ATO ask why you have not filed a tax return or why you claimed this or that on the return you did file.

You may shrug it off and say it will never happen to you, but in fact every year thousands of people are thrown into panic mode trying to come up with facts and figures for the Tax Office, or to sell their business, or obtain a loan that is crucial to the survival of the business. Let's face it, banks simply do not loan money to people who do not know what they are doing. The benefit of a bookkeeper is, that when you need to know something it is generally only a few knowledgeable clicks away.

Not only do bookkeepers study to be aware of legal requirements and must comply to the new legislation, they constantly update their knowledge, having a duty of care to do so, so you can deal with the ATO with confidence.

Bookkeepers who work with your business regularly can see problems and opportunities that you may not even think about until it is too late thus enabling you to grasp something profitable, or avoid something costly.

Let's not even talk about late fees, penalties and fines... or maybe we should. They are avoidable!

Duplicate billing mistakes can cost you as late or forgotten receivable. Your bookkeeper can look at that angry, threatening demand letter, look up the records, and ever so sweetly inform the pressuring accounts department of the date and method of the payment made to them three months ago

What seems to be an annoying extra expense can: Reduce Costs, Increase profitability and let you Stay on top giving you peace of mind!

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